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Search Filters

Many common search terms, tags and vaishnava terms exist already inside the multiple search filters available at the Search page.

Here are some of them: Sections (Lectures, Writings etc.), Shastra names, Countries, Locations (Cities and temples), Topics, Translation languages, etc.

Use these handy filters to narrow the search results according to your needs easily.


Quick search filter

The "Quick search" input filter at the top of the Search page can be used to additionally limit search results by given keyword(s). Read below how to use it properly.


THE MOST IMPORTANT! Please search for the common English easy-to-pronounce version of the sanskrit / bengali word or name instead of classic Latin transliteration version.

Diacritics: Avoid all sanskrit / bengali diacritics inside your keywords input.

Exceptions: Honorable titles "Sri", "Srila", "Srimad" and "Srimati" should be searched as written here (without the trailing "h" after the "S"). It is a common way of writing them throughout the devotee's WEB, so we kept it here as well. A few more exceptions are: Isopanisad and Siksastakam.

Proper search examples: Chaitanya, Krishna, Vrindavan, Janmashtami, "New Mayapur", Sri, Srila, "Srimati Radharani".

Wrong search examples: Caitanya, Krsna, Kṛṣṇa, Vrndavan, Janmastami, "New Māyāpur", Shri, Shrila, "Shrimati Radharani".


Multiple words: The input is interpreted as multiple keywords separated by spaces. The search result will be displayed if it contains all of the given keywords ("AND" query).

Avoiding keywords: Keywords can be negated by prepending a minus sign (-) to them.

Phrases: The multiple-word phrases must be quoted. Examples: "Public program", "Srila Prabhupada", "book distribution", etc.

Uppercase/Lowercase: The search results are case agnostic. So, uppercase, lowercase and capitalized versions of the same keyword will produce the same search results.