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The idea of this book is that people, especially students in university classrooms who are studying Indian and South Asian culture, religion, history, and literature, can be exposed to the Bhāgavatam and get help with reading the Bhāgavatam, because it’s not an easy book for one who is unacquainted with the Bhāgavatam or the Purāṇas. This book is intended for people who want an easier entrance into the Bhāgavatam... In this book I will occasionally summarize or skip certain portions. I may just mention but not write about one or two chapters describing dynasties. I may also do a bit of spiraling back, as the Bhāgavatam itself does. In this book I would like to help the reader to appreciate the larger structure of the Bhāgavatam, so one may get a better idea of the overall scheme: how the beautiful story of the Supreme Personality of Godhead has been related by Śrīla Prabhupāda.

Krishna Kshetra Swami