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Giriraja is known as the greatest of all servants, and by His kind intervention and mercy, extraordinary realizations can be made in the land of Vrindavana. So, we felt the purpose of the Retreat Center was fulfilled when you had your retreat.

Going on retreat―why is it important?

In these modern times, we are almost always on the go. We have to function in our busy lives. We have to fulfill our various responsibilities and therefore are quite busy. We are so busy that we sometimes overlook the things that matter most.

These things are often invisible. The soul, God, their relationship, eternity, etc. These things are as invisible as the oxygen in the air, but without this oxygen, we couldn't breathe, and we would die. So going on retreat means coming in contact with these invisible things, our own souls and Krishna, and then chalking out a path to connect with them.

—    Sacinandana Swami