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A lecture for ISKCON Bahia Blanca in Argentina. 
78 min
Español (Spanish) translation
Will they escape?
By Bhrigupada Dasa (Måns Broo).
The Yoga of Liberation (mokṣa-yoga).
The Yoga of Differentiating Threefold Faith (śraddhā-traya-vibhāga-yoga).
The Yoga of Differentiating Godly and Ungodly (daivāsura-sampad-vibhāga-yoga).
The Yoga of the Ultimate Person (puruṣottama-yoga).
The Yoga of the Threefold Modalities (guṇa-traya-vibhāga-yoga).
The Yoga of Distinguishing Matter from Spirit (prakṛti-puruṣa-viveka-yoga).